Friday, June 22, 2012

Los Angeles - Murphy Sculpture Garden

Murphy Sculpture Garden is located on the campus of University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), and presents a collections of of more than 70 sculptures - many of then nudes - of world famous artists. Franklin Murphy was the dean of UCLA for eight years, and was influenced by the public art of great European cities.It's a tranquil and beautiful setting, and is considered one of the most comprehensive outdoor sculpture collections in USA.

This set of bas reliefs by Henry Matisse, created in 1909, 1913, 1916 and 1930, practically illustrates the evolution of  the depiction of female body over the firsts half of  20th century - from more or less realistic to abstract and sometimes non-comprehensible. Luckily, the real beauty of human body is abundantly represented in  Murphy culpture Garden.


Below is a sculpture by Gaston Lachaise  - Standing Women. The model, and the inspiration of many of his sculptures was Isabel Nagle, an American woman ten years his senior. The 23 years old Gaston followed than married Isabel to America, and finally married her 12 years later.

   Standing Woman, 1932, by Gaston Lachaise.

William Zorach (Zorach Gorfinkel), an American artist,  was born in 1889 in a Jewish Family in Lithuania.The sculpture below is a gpood example of  his compact, monumental style.

Victory, William Zorach, 1960
Torso, Aristide Maillol, 1938
Freya, 1949, Gerhard Marcks
Maya, 1941,Gerhard Marcks


Queen of Sheba, 1961, Alexander Averchenko
 Automne, 1948, Henri Laurens

Desnudo Reclinadom, 1970, Francisco Zuniga

Canadian sculptor, painter, illustrator playwright, and a  poet,  Sorel Etrog was born in Romanis in 1933. His family moved to Israel in 1950 where he studied painting and sculpture. Etrog eventually moved to Canada, his work being extensively exhibited around the world.
Mother and Child, 1964, Sorel Etrog
 Mulier, Eric Gill, British


It is sometimes difficult to decipher Henry Moor, but THEY are  always there 

Two-piece reclining figure, No 3, 1961, Henry Moore

Mother with Child at her hip, 1979, Francisco Zuniga
Robert Grahm (10389-2008) was a American sculptor who was based in California. His bronze sculpture are featured in public places across the United States, very many of them in and around Los Angeles. UCLA has a pretty big collection of his work, mostly featured in Rolfe Courtyard near Murphy Garden.

Dance Columns, 1978

Robert Grahm in Rolfe Courtyard



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