Monday, July 23, 2012

California Wine Country - Sonoma Valley

There are countless Art and Wine festivals happening in California. It's almost a must that art comes with wine, so it's no surprise that all kind of art is popping up here and there in wineries across world famous Napa and Sonoma Valleys. And there is no better place to appreciate the beauty of a nude human form than in the middle of a vineyard after several wine testing flights. There are, of course, plenty of replicas of Greek goods and goddess in charge of wine and grapes, but interesting original art is also present.

Let's start with Sonoma.

Vasanti Winery

 As a side note, the wild bore in the background is made form the original mold which was used to cast a bronze bore for the Medici family in 1640 Florence.


Jacuzzi Winery. Sounds like a  hot tub, and there is a good reason for this. Jacuzzi brothers settled in California in 1900s, and one of their descendants, Roy Jacuzzi invented his whirlpool bath, basically creating a new industry. Jacuzzi Family Vineyards was started by Fred Cline to commemorate his grandfather, one of the original Jacuzzi brothers.


Cornerstone Sonoma is a collection of shops and wineries, surrounded by eclectic garden installations created by well known landscape architects. Quirky outdoor and indoor nude sculptures do not always attempt to reflect the human body at its best and nicest, but are still an object of interest, as long as they display human forms.

Sunning Nude, by  Elizabeth Rose

New Idea Slipping In, by Mark Chatterley

Assortment of nude sculptures by Mike Morgan

Turning Figure, by Mike Morgan

One of The Three Graces, by James Moor. It's seems to be a nude, as  the author, according to the description, is "whittling the human figure down to its elemental structure". Yet another attempt to redefine the beauty of the  female body.


Paradise Ridge Winery Sculpture Garden, Santa Rosa 

Soul Catcher, by Ron Rodgers

Nyx, by Peter Crompton. Peter and his wife Robyn have also created a fascinating Sculpture Garden on their property in Sonoma Valley - see here

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sacramento - the capital of California

Sacramento is the capital of the great state of California. And California, with it's  37+ million people, is the most populous states in USA, one of the largest world economies, and the quintessential dream destination for countless men and women in search for a better life. Yet, its modest capital attracts much less attention then San Francisco and Los Angeles. It took me 20 years of living in California to visit the downtown of Sacramento and finally discover it's architecture and public art, including beautiful nude statues or releifs - sometimes well up in the air near the roofs of official buildings.

This dynamic sculpture of a woman on a horse with a child fighting with a buffalo can be seen on the roof of the State Capitol

 "Climatic Wealth", whatever it means - Jesse M. Unruh State Building
"Floral Wealth"
"Bring Me Men to Match My Mountains" - the portico of Treasures Office, Jesse M. Unruh Building

 More details...

Into the Highlands of the Mind Let Me Go  - State Library and Courts Buildning

The closer, the more beautiful
Is this circumcision waiting to happen, or I need a better lens?


William Coleman Fountain
First Northern Bank



I'm not able to figure this one out -  on the wall of the Department of Rehabilitation - whether it's nude, and how was this lady able to turn her head, but sure the artist was trying to show the beauty of woman body to the best of his ability.

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