Sunday, October 7, 2012

California Wine Country - Napa Valley

Legendary Napa Valley is home to hundreds of wineries,  and many of them are naturally accompanied by beautiful art. There is no better way to appreciate a nice garden sculpture then  having a couple of wine tasting flights on a sunny autumn day.  

di Rosa Gardens with it's significant collection art, is, for some reason, a well kept secret. It hosts about 2000 pieces of art in its Main Gallery, Historic Residence, Courtyard and Sculpture Meadow. The collection would not be complete without some examples of nude human body.

A little shed with reclining nudes
Inside the shed

A kinetic angel rotating around broken copies of classical statues

 Painted female nude

Painted male nude

Looks like a female torso


Paoletti Winery  is an beautiful Italian mansion located in Calistoga. Its animated owner, Gianni Paoletti, enjoys telling family stories while attending to his tasting room. He proudly shows his cellars full of marble sculptures made for him in Italy. Among the sculptures - busts of famous people ( Einstein, for example), with the owner's image mixed in. And, of course, plenty of replicas of Roman, Greek and Renaissance statues.
The Cellar


 A beauty


Peju Province Winery  is located in  Rutherford on Hwy 29. It's stylish main building is surrounded by a lawn full of  original art.
Celebration of a very good harvest, by Welton Rotz

Eternal Cycle, Welton Rotz

 Eternal Cycle fragment

Repose, by Phillip Dizick, 1972

"True beauty is shown in the quietness of sleep" (Phillip Dizick)

Other Wineries

Welcoming Muse, by Henry Waddell. Robert Mondavi Winery

Hess Collection Winery

Mother Earth, by Henry Moor. Clos Pegas Winery

Alberge de Soleil Garden

"Three drunken girls" (my own title) in Calistoga

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