Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Prague - The Genesis


I was traveling across Europe in 2007, taking a lot of photos of buildings, monuments, sculptures and, of course,  my dear wife in front of all this.  It was to the end of my visit to the beautiful city of Prague  when I all of a sudden realized that I have a fair amount of images which represent the beauty of human body in public art. Of course it was mostly female body, but that's what artist (and the public)  were always fascinated with.

During the rest of my trip, which included Berlin, Switzerland and other places, I found myself looking around more attentively, staring at the  roofs, in all directions -  seeking out subjects of my new project, which I named "My PeTit Project".

I discovered a lot of applicable material in my photos taken prior to my trip to Europe in 2007, and will be posting them as well, but i want to start my blog with Prague - the city which gave me the first inspiration.

Prague 2007

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