Saturday, March 3, 2012

Germany, Austria, and Switzerland


While in Prague, I came up with the idea of My PeTit Project - a photo-collection of public art representing the beauty of human body. My first post presents photos which I was taking in Prague without realizing that they are part of my upcoming project. Berlin was the last city of my European trip, and the first where My Petit Project started in earnest ( see Berlin).

On my way to Prague I've visited several cities in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Of them, Louzanne had the most impressive public nude sculptures - beautiful, sensual, sexy and sometimes funny.

                                                                Garden sculpture in  Stuttgart

Ruderhaim - Memorial commemorating Kaiser Wilhelm's I victory in1871

 A close-up of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial

 Bern - in front of the Parliament - just a poster.

 Lausanne. The attention to details is impressive


 Lausanne, Olympic Museum.

 Lausanne, Olympic Museum. This young lady seems to be surprised...

 Lausanne, Lake Geneva

 In Salzburg 

 Salzburg - dressing up

 Salzburg. At that time I didn't know about My PeTit Project, so it's just a blowup of a random shot.

Gstadt, Switzerland. You can't see it, but you probably can feel it.

 Not exactly humans, but still a nice sculpture somewhere in Switzerland. And a lot of breasts...
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